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Steps to Vacation Confidence

Steps to Vacation Confidence
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If you’ve been paying attention to the media, or even looked at the cover of a magazine lately, you’ll see that everything is under scrutiny, especially our bodies. You’re either too thin, or not thin enough, or too busty or too flat, too tall, too short…we can literally never please anyone! (Sigh). This is hugely discouraging considering we just hit the biggest heatwave so far of the summer. Beaches are intimidating, summer clothes are intimidating, even makeup is intimidating because people are going to comment whether their opinion is wanted or not! To help you out, I’ve compiled a few confidence-boosting tricks to make sure you feel your best at the beach all summer long!

Seeing as vacations are associated with beaches and swimming and waterparks, swimsuits are obviously a pretty main staple in vacation wear. Which also makes wearing them that much more daunting. If you’re having a few confidence problems (be real, we all do) here are a couple tricks. Number one: stay away from bright colors and loud patterns. If you’re not ready for all eyes to be on you, go for a neutral colour that will highlight your undertones. Brunettes look striking in pale pink, or a light yellow while blondes look great in shades of blue. If you’re a redhead, colors like khaki green, pastel orange and dark blue bring out natural tones. Basic black or white are fabulous go to's for any skin tone or hair colour as well! Now that you’ve figured out colour, let’s move to number two: style.


These days, pretty much any type of swimsuit is in, but to be totally honest, not everyone looks the same in all of them. Lets take a look at some styles that will boost your confidence way up! First is the string bikini. I know, gasp. The staple of the Hollywood It Girl, the string bikini can be really intimidating. I, for one, love it. The tie up bottoms and top are perfect if you’re looking for smooth contouring along your body; simply adjust the tightness of the string and you're set. They’re also really easy to mix and match if you want some colour combos! If that’s not quite right for you, something really cute right now is the high-rise bottoms paired with a matching top. Perfect if your trouble area is your belly, the high waist is great for concealing anything you’re not happy with! Again, be careful with patterns such as stripes, as horizontal ones tend to make things appear wider than they actually are. Again, if that’s not really you, go for the one piece! Totally hot right now with tons of style options, you will definitely be able to find something totally you! Play around with different cut outs! Waist cut outs are great to highlight your waist, open backs are great to show off your shoulders and back, plunging necklines are great to flaunt your cleavage. After figuring out your style, number three is knowing how to rock it!


Now, I’m going to sound like your mother saying this, but stand up straight! No slouching! Standing up straight automatically gives you an aura of confidence. Next: don’t fiddle around unless its necessary! Busy hands look nervous and there’s nothing to be nervous about, you’re gorgeous! If you’re sitting down and worried about looking frumpy, sit up and lean back on your hands. This has the same affect of standing up straight; it lengthens everything! Also, avoid tight bottoms such as denim shorts because they can cut in and leave unflattering lines on your skin. Go for a summer dress, some linen shorts, or even just a quick pull on kimono! Whatever you choose, I know you'll rock it!

The swimsuits above are all available on the Crispy Citron website, so go have a look and find something you love! Bring on the vacations ASAP                                                                                                                                          


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