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Keeping Your Intimates Gorgeous For Longer

Keeping Your Intimates Gorgeous For Longer
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We have all been through it. Those moments of heart break when you favourite bra has begun to fold at the top or your expensive silk and lace set got snagged in the dryer even though you put it on the delicate cycle thinking that was enough. You've invested in gorgeous pieces and you owe it to yourself to make the most out of them! Read on if you're interested in learning a few tips and tricks to keep your favourite intimates, gorgeous for longer!

Get A Bra Wash Bag 

If you do not already have one of these fabulous inventions, you have to get one now. Bra bags are designed to keep your delicates from getting tangled, stretched, ripped and caught on anything else cycling around in the dryer. I cannot express enough how many of my bras got tangled in with my jeans, becoming looser as time went on. Bra bags saved the life of my lovely lace sets and they will do the same for you!

Better Yet, Skip The Washing Machine

The idea of hand-washing clothing is daunting I know but what if taking a few extra minutes to hand wash your delicates meant saving money and prolonging the life of that plum lace set you got last Christmas? I don't know about you but 5 minutes to soak and hand wash something is totally worth it for me! While you're at it can I suggest getting a detergent that is specially made for your delicates? Take a drip to your local drugstore and see what is available in your area!

And While You're At It, The Dryer To

Do not, under any circumstances, toss your precious lingerie into the dryer. I know air fluff seems tempting but you are better off to lay out your bras, underwear and silken sets and let them stay flat to dry. Machine drying them once most likely will not be detrimental but repeat exposure to heat can degrade the elastic and fabric and start to cause wear and tear. Trust me on this one, plan ahead so that your intimates have enough time to dry naturally before you need to wear them. You'll thank me later


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