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Interview with Model Paige Munroe

Interview with Model Paige Munroe
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Introducing model and image of girl power; Paige Munroe (@paige_munroe) ! We got the opportunity to catch up with Paige and talk to her about her life and modeling career. Interested? Read on!

Paige munroe in white bralette and jean jacket

Crispy Citron: If you were to describe yourself to a stranger what would you tell them? (hobbies/interests/passions)

Paige: I am very passionate, ambitious and curious about life. A strong believer that you must get outside your comfort zone to grow. If a challenge awaits, it excites me.
When I am not working, I am reading on how to work more efficiently and productively. I have never been a fan of fiction. I like to read to learn. To understand a new perspective, gain knowledge of those before us and apply those skills to my life and career. But I’m no stiff…I seek a balance in everything. Ask my best friend and she will tell you I am wild and fun! Just very career oriented at this point in my life.

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Crispy Citron: What was your catalyst moment that sparked your interest in becoming a model?

Paige: I grew up in a big family with many sisters. But we were raised to be tough, resourceful and self sufficient. I wasn’t told I was a pretty little princess or that I should model when I grow up. My parents had unconditional love for us all but decided to instill more traditional morals and goals. To be a good person. To take care of the earth and those around you. To work hard. Modeling was never something I thought I would want to do as a career. I wanted to be know for my strength and smarts, not the physical way I looked. ….but as I mentioned in the answer before, we don’t grow in our comfort zone. I decided to go into an industry I knew nothing about with little to no experience. To completely challenge myself.

pink photo of model paige munroe

Crispy Citron: What was your big break? The moment where you said “Wow - I can’t believe I’m doing this?

Paige: I have been fortunate that there have been many amazing moments in my fairly new career already. My second day in LA I booked a role in a Will.I.AM music video. To be on set with a huge production, other talented artist and of course Will, I was in awe! I got to play a very fun role in exciting locations, more acting than dancing, I had a blast!

Crispy Citron: What are your favourite kinds of shoots to do?

Paige: My favorite shoots are when I get to express a lot of emotion. I enjoy challenging myself to pull out different attitudes, expressions and poses to give a strong and meaningful look.

Crispy Citron: How did you build such a big following? Any tips or advice you would like to share?

Paige: When I first began modeling full time 2 years ago I resisted the wave of social media. With the heavy makeup and filters it seemed as if everyone was becoming a model. At first it was frustrating, it seemed to be a deciding factor for clients. At castings we would be asked how many followers we had, I couldn’t believe it. How can a number indicate the beauty, professionalism and experience of a model? But instead of letting this hold me back I decided to play ball. I began to really focus on my social media and online presence. Like anything, I did my research. Found tips and tricks online on how to boost. I would always ask for others IG and make sure we added each other. By constantly working or collaborating with other artist I always tried to reach new audiences. I also worked with a social media marketing company to help teach me how to build a following, use organic algorithms to bring more people to my page, while also using common sense. Id post often. I would keep a balance of professional images, natural selfies and activities I did in my life to keep a well rounded portfolio of images.

image of paige munroe model

Crispy Citron: How do you think Instagram has changed the game for modelling?

Paige: I do believe Instagram has changed the game for modeling some. Not completely but it has provided both positive and negative aspects to the industry. The positive is that it provides a free platform for marketing and advertisement. As a model we are selling our look, personality and professionalism. You can display this through social media while reaching a much broader audience. I have been able to book my own work without agencies through online platforms and be able to meet others I may not have encountered otherwise that have been positive influences or friends in my life.
Some negatives is that social media is so easily accessible to everyone that the modeling industry has become flooded with new models of all types. The competition is much more in your face as well as all sorts of people who have an opinion about everything. Social media allows us to be heard and express our thoughts. But with millions of people interacting there will be some negative opinions and bullying unfortunately. I have been lucky not to be involved in this much, but I do still experience critique and scrutiny from others.
Like anything in life we must find a balance. Not get consumed by the need for likes and followers, but to excel in all aspects of our career. Utilizing the platform for its strongest benefit of networking and building our own brand.

photo of model paige munroe

Crispy Citron: What are some self-confidence tips you’d give your followers?

Paige: Confidence is a funny thing. So many beautiful and talented people lack it. I find it sad because without confidence we miss opportunities and turn feelings into regret, resentment and jealousy. I wish everyone was more confident. We would have a much more loving society. Confidence stems from our love for ourselves. Because no matter what challenge or competition is in our path, if you believe and trust in yourself, those obstacles wont matter. Because at the end of the day you know you already have all that you need. You!

Crispy Citron: What is your go to style of bikini?

Paige: I love a little sexy bikini, always one of my favorite things to wear. But most important is that I need the bikini, preferably a 2 piece, to be functional. I love to be active, swim and comfortable to move around. I need a bikini I can feel sexy in while ready to go on an adventure!

Paige on a couch

Crispy Citron: What are some of the biggest challenges you’ve faced working as a model? Have you always been supported in your interest in modeling?

Paige: My biggest challenge as a model are the stereotypes. Just like with any career we all work differently. For me modeling is my craft as an entrepreneur. I do not solely rely on my physical look, in fact very little. I feel often saying “ I am a model” sounds so limited. When in fact it was been the most challenging career I have ever had. After college I was a professional athlete while also starting my masters degree. I have worked many different challenging jobs. With modeling I am able to integrate my knowledge, experience and social skills into everything I do. Modeling is no longer just a beautiful person who takes great photos, it requires marketing, branding, and evolving with the times with a lot of self motivated effort. My biggest challenge is feeling as though I always have to prove myself. Prove that I am not the stereotype that many would assume about a model.

Crispy Citron: Is there anything else you want to tell your followers?

Paige: Remind yourself while your online or browsing social media that not everything is as good as it looks. I have met those social media stars, celebrities and millionaire who live luxurious lives. They are not all as happy as they seem. Never compare yourself or feel less when your seeing all of these flashy things. The greatest happiness is harvested right at home. The close relationships you have bring the most joy. These fancy lifestyles and “elite” people are just like me and you. I have to remind myself of this. Its hard not to feel envious of others success or appearance of success. These are the times I go back home, visit my family, be in nature and enjoy the simple things. Those are my riches.

Never settle.
Find a solution, not an excuse.

Always make yourself a priority. Self love is key.

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