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Interview with Max Layn founder of Future Bikini and Banana Orgasm

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Have you ever a seen a really successful online brand with an amazing social media platform engaging with thousands of followers and wondered; who started this?! We caught up Future Bikini @futurebikini and Banana Orgasm @bananaorgasm founder, Max Layn @maxlayn and he let us in to his world and answered a few questions about the brands for us!! Interested in learning more? Read on!
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Crispy Citron: If you were to describe yourself to a stranger what would you tell them? (hobbies/interests/passions)
Max: I have 0 passion. I'm a workaholic; working is my jam. I can't stop; my phone is in my hand 20h a day. My head is always in action, trying to invent new things, I have my own world in my head.
Other than that, I have no interest in anything. The world is fucked-up, the only thing that matters to me is people. I love talking and debating about anything and everything. I love people they are my oxygen. I go to bed at night after I replied to every single DMs.
Crispy Citron: Tell us about Future Bikini and Banana Orgasm? How did they start?
Max: I started Future Bikini as an escape from my living situation. I was broke, burnt out. Day after day Future Bikini become like an anchor. I know from the beginning it could be something big if I worked hard. A few months later after being in my bedroom working hours after hours 15h a day, I reached 100K followers, launched a bikini store. Today I use Future Bikini as an example to empower people who are lacking the motivation to start something. I keep telling them they need nothing except a phone to become the person they want to be. They could be incredibly successful if they put in the work every day. 
I started Banana Orgasms when I launched my Bikini Store. I naturally curse every 2 seconds, and I needed a channel where I could say fuck and shit since Future Bikini became soft.
Banana is becoming a huge and strong brand! I diffuse a real message about empowering people, fighting against sexual abuse, bullying, the self-confidence. I get so many DMs from girls, telling me how they feel better because of Banana! Having DMs saying: 
"Thank you for giving me back confidence." "After a bad day, Banana gave me back my smile." "I feel in control of my life after reading your tips." 
That's fucking powerful messages.
Crispy Citron: What was it like starting out as a DJ?What made you want to take the jump to working in fashion?
Max: I came in 2011 to NYC after graduating in MBA Marketing.  Without having a decent English level, I started to get a lot of gigs in the city. Word of mouth made me become "Social media coach" for local DJs. DJs are not good at all in marketing, so I taught them how to become a PR agency of themselves. Gigs after gigs, I met some guys in fashion, and I jumped in this incredible universe. I worked for big fashion brands and the most major creative studios as a digital strategist.
Crispy Citron: How do you think platforms such as Instagram have changed the marketing game for companies?
Max: Instagram brings brands and customers at the same level. It's easy for people to reach their favorite brands, that's a game changer for the brands if they understand how to leverage it.
Crispy Citron: How did you build such a big following? Any tips or advice you would like to share?
Max: I used at least 30 strategies, but the most important are the two first simple rules.
1) I'm nice to everyone. I reply to every single people. Being nice is not overrated. 
2) I play the fucking long game, and I'm not looking for shortcuts. Too many people search on google the last hacks, the last technique to beat Instagram algorithms. 
Those guys are losing the sight of the real purpose; which is; bringing value & happiness, to people.
My final advice? If you want to do something great, do the opposite of those fuckers.
Crispy Citron: What are some of the biggest challenges you’ve faced working in digital marketing?
Max: Everything is easy to replicate in digital media. I got a lot of people brainless like monkeys who stole my ideas. Honestly, I don't fucking care. Like I said earlier, I play the long game, they play the short game.
Crispy Citron: Is there anything else you want to tell your followers?
Max: Thank you for following me! Thank you for all the messages I get every day! It's almost becoming hard to read them all. The best is yet to come, stay tuned!
Check out Max's Instagram at @Maxlayn


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