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Interview with Clint Robert

Interview with Clint Robert
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 Have you stumbled across photographer Clint's Instagram and thought, "wow I'd love to know a bit more about this guy"? Well you're in luck, we got the opportunity to catch up with Clint and learn a bit more about what he does!

Crispy Citron: If you were to describe yourself to a stranger what would you tell
them? (hobbies/interests/passions)
Clint: I am a social media photographer on the Internet. Most of my Day is spent editing or taking photos. I am also part of the fitness industry for @Ironmanmagazine and enjoy going to Golds Gym here in Venice. One of my passions is traveling and being able to go to all the places I have wanted to when they come my way. Also being able to play all the video games I could not when I did not have enough time to play.

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Crispy Citron: What sparked your interest in photography?
Clint: I came into a job at a camera store, in order to sell more I had to learn more and over time I started to enjoy shooting photos as I learned and played with more gear.

Crispy Citron: What are your favourite kind of shoots ?
Clint: Lingerie, abstract, and beach shoots only when it is not on the west coast.

Crispy Citron: How do you think platforms such as Instagram have changed the marketing game for companies?
Clint:It has made it really easy to sell a product or start a company. It puts what you are trying to sell right in front of the person and pushes people from seeing it on people they follow.

Crispy Citron: How did you build such a big following? Any tips or advice you would like to share?
Clint: My following is slowly growing; I was just consistent and shoot many people
everyday so naturally you would gain here and there. As long as you have good
content and network your instagram power will grow.

Crispy Citron: What are some of the biggest challenges you’ve faced in your
Clint: When you start out having to shoot for free or find free time when I had school and full time job then be able to work on photography on the side. It was very time consuming and used a lot of resources starting from nothing.

Crispy Citron: Is there anything else you want to tell your followers?
Clint:Thank you for following and supporting my photography!

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