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Interview with Cam McMullen

Interview with Cam McMullen
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Crispy Citron: If you were to describe yourself to a stranger in just a few minutes, what would you say? (work, interests, family life, hobbies etc.)

Cam: My name is Cam McMullen. I am a 22 year old wanderer and lover. I grew up in Florida and am almost finished with my degree in Public Relations & Marketing. I have a passion for the fashion industry and all things creative. When I am creating I am happiest. I love writing, modelling, photography, art and music. I live for outdoor moments and adventures and I absolutely adore laughing and people who make me do so.

Cam mcmullen

Crispy Citron: What was your catalyst moment that sparked your interest in becoming a model?

Cam: I can’t think of any specific catalyst moment-I began my modelling career through Instagram. So I guess as I began to become more popular I knew I could make something out of it.


Crispy Citron: You just started a Youtube Channel! Tell us all about it?

Cam: I am so excited about my Youtube Channel! I was and still am a little unsure the route I want to take it if I am being honest! I really wanted a way to be able to share my life with my followers without just using Instagram. I started to feel like all my followers saw me just as the girl that gets paid to take photos in bikinis. What I try to stress to my followers is what you see on Instagram is such small percentage of who I am as a person-So with my Youtube I am trying to showcase that. If you haven’t already definitely click the link in my Bio on Instagram (@camm_you_not) to see my most recent vlog and SUBSCRIBE to my channel!

Cam Youtube Channel screenshot

Crispy Citron: How do you think Instagram has changed the game for the modelling?

Cam: Instagram has definitely changed the game for modelling. I think it always gets looked down upon as a factor that impacts the modelling industry now when really it’s truly broadened the market! I love that Instagram has been a part of welcoming all shapes, sizes and types of women. It’s also given girls the opportunity to work independently instead of working through agencies!

Cam and fitness regime

Crispy Citron: What are your biggest healthy lifestyle and happy life tips?

Cam: Drinking water is extremely important for all parts of health and fitness-I try to drink at least a cup of water in the morning before eating or drinking anything else (YES, even coffee). I also love the gym-I won’t lie I have been off my rocker lately, but finding a workout/exercise routine that works best for you is very important! I get so many DM’s about my workout routine, but my biggest piece of advice is to listen to your own body-no one is the same so what I do for me won’t give someone else the same results! But I always provide my followers with that guide (pictured above)!

Crispy Citron: Who are some of your favourite photographers that you’ve worked with?

Cam: One of my all time favorite photographers I have worked with is Dante Monteverde (ig: @tirro_). He is truly an amazing/down to earth individual that loves what he does! His editing style is some of the cleanest in agency work I have ever seen and he is such a ball of fun to be around.

Cam in Lingerie   Cam in For Love and Lemons

Crispy Citron: What are some of the biggest challenges you’ve faced working as a model? Have you always been supported in your interest in modelling?

Cam: We are coming up on a year of being back in the game and damn it has not been anything close to easy. There have been so many times I have wanted to give up and walk away! One of my biggest lessons is to truly never give up on the things you have so much love for. Even if one person tells you ‘No’ that doesn’t mean the next one will too. Believing in yourself and living life for yourself is one of the only ways you can gain true happiness in life.

I am extremely lucky to have a mom that supports me with everything she has and more, that truly keeps me going. I have come to learn that most people don’t like seeing others succeed, which is so crazy to me. I have definitely found out who my circle of supporters are through this all and having to lose people who I thought were close to me has been a challenge within itself but a learning experience as well.

Cam covered by newspaper sipping wine

Crispy Citron: What would you tell your followers or anyone interested in getting into the modelling industry?

Cam: I’d ultimately tell them to never give up. I’d also tell them to try with everything they have. Do whatever it takes to do it for you. Don’t ask for handouts or buy-ins because at the end of the day it will feel so much more rewarding knowing you have no one else to thank but yourself! Most importantly, through it all, ALWAYS be true to yourself!



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