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How-To: Romantic Cottage Get-Away

How-To: Romantic Cottage Get-Away
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Everyone always looks forward to weekends away up north. The fun in the sun, the adventures on the water, the seclusion; all absolutely perfect for a little escape. But, it can be more than just a weekend away! It can be a romantic weekend away with your special someone, and I’m here to tell you how! cottage on the water

When I go away, the first and foremost thing I usually worry about is my makeup smudging, and not wanting to look too high maintenance. There’s an easy fix to that: a few days before the scheduled weekend away, get some eyelash extensions. Splurge a bit on yourself, for about $80, you can get some natural looking extensions to replace the mascara that would run and clump down your face! They last about a month if you take care of them, and are perfect if you want that effortless, no makeup look while having the freedom to swim!

female eyes graphic with eye liner

Now that that’s out of the way, you can focus on yourself, and mainly, what you’re going to pack to make this a successful romantic weekend away. Definitely start with some of your sexiest bikinis or swimsuits. If you’re stuck on which to bring, or don’t have any that really do the trick for you, may I recommend the Luna or the Gisele Bikini, available through our website? Totally sexy, totally comfortable and exactly what you need to make the jaw drop on your special someone.


If a bikini isn’t really your speed, then the Christy or Cindy one piece is perfect. A plunging neckline on the Cindy one piece is perfect if you want to show off some deep cleavage, and the high cut, open back on the Cindy is perfect if you want to leave just enough to the imagination to keep them guessing!


Have some fun splashing around in the water, while feeling confident and sexy! You’ll be just as hot as the weather we’ve been having this summer!


Now, I know just as well as everyone that sometimes the weather changes on a dime and a perfect-weather weekend can change to a rainy one instead. Don’t worry! Your romantic weekend isn’t ruined! To cover the possibility of staying indoors, pack some sexy underwear along with your sexy suits. Some of Crispy Citron’s hottest lingerie are the Chardonnay or the Dawn Lace set. Strappy, lacey, and enticing, these sets are perfect for lounging around in while in the company of your loved one, on a day you just don’t want to venture outside.


Now, creating a romantic weekend away takes more than just the swimsuits and lingerie. It’s all about the atmosphere. A cottage hidden away among the lakes and trees is romantic all the same, but there are things you can do to increase the mood, like lighting! Bring along some candles for the gentle, flickering light. Place them on some windowsills or counters, and light ‘em up when the sun goes down. If it’s too warm for the extra heat of the flames, battery operated ones work just as well!

 candles in square laterns

Along with the candles, make a playlist filled with songs to inspire the mood. Slow love songs, some RnB, or even a playlist of the favourite songs of you and your lover! Make sure it’s pre-downloaded on Spotify or whatever music platform you listen on to ensure no interruptions from spotty service!


Now lastly, just relax! Have fun! Be your wonderful, confident, sexy self! You have all you need, now just put it into action!


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