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Get the Right Fit

Get the Right Fit
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We’ve all been there—standing in the tiny dressing room, staring back at our reflection and wondering one thing: is this how my undergarments should fit? And you may know right off the bat if the item doesn’t fit, but do you know why it doesn’t and how you can fix it? Don’t worry, girl, we’ve got all the answers you need (and probably more) RIGHT HERE. Let’s start at the bottom and work our way up!
Problem: My undies ride up and create muffin top (ugh!)
Solution: SIZE UP. This fit issue is self-explanatory. If your undies cut into your skin, causing awkward shapes and discomfort, simply move up a size! Problem solved! Important: pay special attention to how the edges of the underwear looks on your bum. If it’s ANYTHING but perfectly round and smooth, THEY ARE TOO SMALL. Keep this in mind to avoid unsightly panty lines! And yes, panty lines can STILL happen if your thong is too tight!

Problem: I can’t find panties that fit my bottom and do not sag at the waistline.
Solution: This can be a frustrating problem to have, and the best advice is to opt for underwear that has a lot of elasticity, and stay away from all lace panties that tend to stretch out with wear and washing.

We started from the bottom and now we are here—bras. Here’s a few fit issues you may be experiencing when trying on or purchasing bras and how to fix them!

Problem: My bra rides up, or is lower in the front and higher up on my back!
Solution: This is such an easy fix! All you need to do is tighten the hooks on your bra one or two notches. If you are still noticing that the back of you bra is riding up, try the next band size down. Your bra should fit firmly against your body, but stay in place where it’s supposed to. Follow this advice and you'll be doing your happy dance in no time!
Problem: There is awkward gapping in my bra cups, but I’m wearing the correct size!
Solution: This problem can be a little tricky to fix because it can stem from so many different issues. First and foremost, CHECK YOUR SIZE! You can get your bra size taken at a local lingerie store, but you can also determine your size at home, by yourself. All you have to do is have someone take your measurements and compare to a size chart to see where you fall. Keep in mind that every brand fits different and has different sizing. Always compare your measurements to the size charts of that specific company to be sure you are getting the best fit! If it turns out that you are truly in the correct size and still see gapping, try shortening the straps on your bra a bit. This can help pull back the front of the bra and reduce gapping. If you are still having issues, it may be the design and quality of the bra you have on, and it may be best to try a different style.
Solution: Opt for a super trendy AND comfy bodysuit. We are loving this trend because it doesn’t reallyyyyyy require a bra or underwear underneath. Check out our glitter bomb bodysuit! You will feel so relaxed and beautiful all day long!
So there you have it! Just a few of the many fit issues you may encounter in the dressing room when trying to decide what size or style to go for! Now get online, go shopping, and find some bras and panties that are going to fit your body the way that they should!


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